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Welcome to the Davet Homestead

Bridget Davet, homeschool mom, wife, artist and child of God.

Welcome! Or Howdy, as we say here in Texas. I’m so glad to finally be starting my new blog. I’ve been blogging for quite some time now, managing two other blogs. But life has taken on new directions for us and it only made sense to combine the two blogs and continue on through this new blog. On this blog, I will be sharing everything I love: homeschooling, homemaking, homesteading, handicrafts, my faith and fun with my 2 boys and husband.

Here’s a quick little background about myself. I have a BFA in Graphic Design and worked for many years in the corporate world. I knew I always wanted to be at home when I had kids, so in 2011, I quit my job and started a printing company out of my house that specializes in stickers. I also have a love for fitness, nutrition and natural health. I’m a second degree recommended black belt in TKD (my kids think I’m a ninja – who am I to correct them!) and for many years worked as a personal trainer in my spare time. In 2016, I received my Doctor of Naturopathy, after wanting to learn better ways to help my family through natural health. I love arts and crafts, but most of all, I love God. Without him nothing would be possible.

Thanks for joining us on this wild adventure of homeschooling and most of all FUN! Check out my YouTube channel and follow us on social media.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Davet Homestead

  1. Hi I am a newcomer to your blog I very much enjoy the extra accents that you put on your hats I have been looming for about eight years and I enjoy it very much please keep up your lovely work and may God bless you bye


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