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My loom knitting obsession has begun

Loom Knitting Obsession

On a whim in early December, I purchased a set of knitting looms hoping to find an easy handicraft for my 5 and 6 year olds. Little did I know that almost 2 months later, I’m addicted to loom knitting!

At first, I was just excited to find something my 6 year old could do, but soon it took on a life of its own. Part of our family and homeschool goals is to give back in our community and country through service. There is a great need for handmade items both in our local community and beyond. I started compiling a list of ideas and organizations that we could contribute our handmade items.

Just a few of the growing number of knitting looms I now own.

Then I remembered there is strength in numbers. I find that I can be quite influential to others and know how to light fires in others. Not many people craft these days, but I’m a good teacher. I decided to start a local crafting group of crafters and wannabe crafters with a heart for service. CRAFTING BLESSINGS was born! CRAFTING BLESSINGS group is a place to learn a new skill or develop existing skills to craft blessings for others. We meet several times per month and learn a new skill or build on a previous month’s skill. Each month we have a project we work on with an intended recipient.

For January, I decided our first project would be baby hats for the local children’s hospital. As a side project, we also made 65 hats for the kids at a local women’s shelter, 40 of which I knitted myself. Boy have I been busy!

For February, we are working on hats for chemo patients at our local oncology center. I’m so excited to be starting this journey and see where it takes us! I have a feeling that lots of handicraft/ loom knitting post are in the near future. So get your looms and join me!

You can follow along with the Crafting Blessings Blog or follow our journey on Facebook.

Just a few of the many hats I’ve made recently.
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