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Loom Knitted Hurdle Stitch Hat Tutorial

Hurdle Stitch Loom Knit Hat

I have a confession to make. Needle knitters, please forgive me, but technically this is not the hurdle stitch. Loom knitters, carry on and forget I just said that, and just enjoy this lovely stitch, lol. I’m new to loom knitting and I didn’t know exactly how to convert a needle knitting pattern (or flat panel pattern) into a loom knitting pattern (or knitting in the round), so I just loom knitted the hurdle stitch as it was written. BUT boy was I happy with the outcome! This hat is part of the many hats I am designing for my crafting group to follow for our donations. I am also making video tutorials on how to make them so my crafting group can follow along at home. My Crafting Blessings group is loom knitting chemo caps for our local oncology center this month. This hat is perfect and very easy to make.

This size hat on the 36 peg loom will usually fit ages 2 years old – adults, depending on the length of the hat. In this tutorial, I did 6 rows for the brim, 34 rows for the body and my final length was 9″. Make it longer or shorter to fit your needs. Note: depending on the yarn you are using and other variables, your length may be different. Measure the hat as you go until desired length.

You can use this pattern on any size loom with an even number of pegs. I like the 48 peg (5/8″ gauge) Knitting Board loom for larger women or average men. For odd numbered looms, you will have to adjust the pattern. I would suggest ending each K1, P1 row with an extra P1.

I used a #5 bulky yarn by Premier Serenity Chunky called Berry Burst. I love this yarn! I find that it comes out slightly longer then when I use Loops & Threads Charisma Yarn, by just a tad.

Blog disclaimer
Hurdle Stitch Loom Knit Hat

Feel free to use this pattern, but please see the following information regarding use of this pattern. Supplies needed for this project are listed in the pattern and in the video description on YouTube.

Please do not copy or distribute this pattern in any manner or claim as your own.

You may sell products made from this pattern only if you clearly credit the design to me (The Davet Homestead) and provide a link to my blog www.thedavethomestead.com. No mass production or factory manufacturing of any kind is allowed. My photos may NOT be used, you must take your own photos of your finished products for your use. Please considering making hats from this pattern and donating them to your local children’s hospital, women’s shelter, homeless shelter, etc.

Here is a FREE pdf for you to download and the video tutorial as well. Hope you enjoy making this pattern. Feel free to post your final projects to my Facebook page. Please subscribe to my blog to get notifications on all my upcoming projects.

Here is my super popular hurdle stitch hat video tutorial. Feel free to give it a thumbs up on YouTube.

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel 🙂

I also loom knitted a matching scarf and will post that tutorial soon.

Hurdle Stitch Loom Knit Hat and Scarf
The hat my hurdle stitch loom knit scarf.

Hope you enjoy this hat tutorial and hope you will use it to craft many blessings for others! Don’t forget to pin the images for later.

Hurdle Stitch Loom Knit Hat
Don’t forget to pin this beauty for later!
the Davet Homestead

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