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Batman Inspired Loom Knitted Hat

Batman loom knitted hat

Holy smoke, it’s Batman! What kid doesn’t want to be a super hero. Batman is by far my favorite super hero. Did you know he is the only super hero that doesn’t actually have super powers? Say WHAT? It’s true. According to Wikipedia: He relies on his genius intellect, physical prowess, martial arts abilities, detective skills, science and technology, vast wealth, intimidation, and indomitable will. Bruce Wayne trains himself physically and intellectually and crafts a bat-inspired bpersona to fight crime.

This hat design is part of the many hats I’m designing for my Crafting Blessing group. We are making hats for the local children’s hospital and for local kids with hair loss from Alopecia. Hopefully the kids will love being a super hero with the fun loom knitted Batman hat that even has ears.

I purchased the Batman Application patch (sold in a 6pk set) from Amazon. It can be ironed on or sewed on by hand. It makes this loom knitted Batman complete!

Feel free to use this pattern, but please see the following information regarding use of this pattern. Supplies needed for this project are listed in the pattern and in the video description on YouTube.

Please do not copy or distribute this pattern in any manner or claim as your own. Written copies of this pattern can be found for purchase in my Etsy shop: www.DavetDesigns2.etsy.com. 

You may sell products made from this pattern only if you clearly credit the design to me (The Davet Homestead) and provide a link to my blog www.thedavethomestead.com. No mass production or factory manufacturing of any kind is allowed. My photos may NOT be used, you must take your own photos of your finished products for your use. Please considering making hats from this pattern and donating them to your local children’s hospital, women’s shelter, homeless shelter, etc.

The written pattern can be found for purchase in my Etsy shop and helps support my YouTube channel: www.DavetDesigns2.etsy.com.

Here is the video tutorial of how to make this Batman inspired loom knitted hat with ears and logo patch. Please subscribe to my channel so you can receive notifications when I upload new videos. Click here for YouTube Video.

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel 🙂
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