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How to Loom Knit Scrubbies – 2 Different Ways

Scubbies are super popular right now. Scrubbies can be used to scrub dishes and pots or in the bath/shower as face/ body scrubbies.

Here are some ideas for places or causes you can donate scrubbies. Loom knitted scrubbies can be donated as is, or packaged up with other items like body scrub, bar soap, body wash, dish soap, etc.:

  • Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes
  • Food pantry
  • Women’s shelter
  • Homeless shelter
  • Nursing homes
  • Food banks
  • Churches
  • Silent auction items
  • Sell and donate the proceeds
  • Soup kitchens
  • Housewarming gifts
  • Teacher’s gifts
  • New mom gift basket
  • Memory care center

KNIT STITCH USED: Ewrap knit stitch


Scrubby supplies

As per the written pattern and video, you can use any yarn you want, but usually you use 1 strand of scrubby yarn and 1 strand of other yarn (most use cotton – but whatever you like). You will use those together as one strand. I used:

Blog disclaimer

In this tutorial you will learn how to loom knit a scrubby 2 different ways on a round from start to finish. The final width of my scrubby was 4”. Using different yarn, loom gauge, plus other differences will make the width different than mine.

Loom knit scrubby version 1

The first version of the scrubby shown in this photo above is connected in the middle. This version uses the fold over brim method, like when making a fold over brim to a hat.

Loom knit scrubby version 2

Version 2 of the scrubby, the middle is not connected and as shown in the photo, you can pull the sides apart and it forms like an empty ball. This version starts with a drawstring cast on (as shown in the video).

Both version are nice and will work, but if you have a preference, you now have 2 versions of scrubbies to choose from. I’d suggest making one of each and see which one you like best. They are very similar. As noted in the video, if you would like a different sized scrubby, you can use a different size loom, different loom gauge or change the row count.

Please do not copy or distribute this written pattern in any manner.

Here is a FREE pdf for you to download and the video tutorial as well. Considering making a small donation ($3 suggested – though anything is appreciated) for the downloaded pdf pattern: paypal.me/BridgetDavet.

Hope you enjoy making this pattern. Feel free to post your final projects to my Facebook page. Please subscribe to my blog to get notifications on all my upcoming projects.

Here is the video tutorial of how to make the loom knitted scrubbies two ways. Please subscribe to my channel so you can receive notifications when I upload new videos and give my videos a thumbs up.

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Here are my product recommendations:

Links to other video tutorials listed in this video:

Consider making scrubbies and donating them to one of the suggestions listed above or any where they are needed!

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